Taxes can be complicated and time consuming, especially for new business owners. In our current taxation system, new laws constantly come into effect and it may take several days to prepare the appropriate returns. So, why not have the professionals help you? We ensure that you pay the minimum possible tax. We only charge once a year and cover all the correspondences with both federal and provincial governments. 

We are specialized in the services below:

- Corporate Taxes (T2 Retuns)
- Personal Taxes (T1 Returns)
- Payroll Deductions (PD7A)
- Slip Preparation (T4, T5, T5018)
- GST/HST Retuns
- Auditing
- Bookkeeping
- Tax Consultation

We don't charge to sit and meet with you. Also, we don't charge you for us to hear your story and give you a recommendation. Thus, don't be scared to call our tax professionals. We are here to help you. We work for you; not for the Government.