We currently offer four important services that will help your small business grow. Below, you can find a brief description for each of our services. For the details, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the blue button below.


Marmara Group Ltd. is an Alberta corporation that offers various services that are important for the growth of local businesses as well as for families and individuals in our communities.
Our areas of service include: Accounting/Taxation, Marketing, Real Estate, Immigration, Commissioner of Oath, Business Consulting and Translation. 
Our goal is to gather all these services under one roof and provide our clients with a one-stop shop where they are able to have all of their business and personal needs met. 
Our mission is to provide high quality multilingual services and support businesses and families with their integration into Canadian society.


  • pay the minimum taxes within the legal framework and save money;

  • obtain a unique identity for your business and drive potential customers to your website and other marketing platforms;

  • collect the most relevant and helpful information in order to grow and integrate your business;

  • get easily qualified for a mortgage approval and buy your dream home with the help of our experienced-agents;

  • receive fast and professional translation services.


We consider your business as our own business.

We consider your family as our own.

Your kids are our kids.

The more return you get, the happier we get.

The less taxes you pay, the more relieved we get.

When you buy your dream home, we feel like we bought our dream home. 

When your website comes on the first page on Google, Yahoo or Bing, it is our website that came on top.


We need you even more than you need us. Please call to get our expenctations met as well.