Buying a house has never been this easy; especially for the Newcomers to Canada. We understand the struggle and difficulty in terms of building your credit and getting qualified for your first mortgage. Our professionals are aware of all these difficulties and knowledgeable of what the creditors expect to see in a mortgage application.

Whether you want to buy a house, sell a house or re-finance it, we will help you achieve your goal and put you in your dream home.

Paying rent is throwing your money in a garbage can. Buying a home is investing your money into a valuable asset. Especially, Alberta's fast-growing home market, you will invest into an equity rather than a depreciating asset.

Plus, it is your own home. Renovate as you like; decorate as you like; plant as you like and have the freedom of living in your own, free space without rules and regulations. 

In order to achieve this goal, our tax professionals work closely with our real estate agents. Higher income gets the house. However, how about paying low taxes for higher income? Well we can't go that far. That is our magic...